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About Savour In10

We are NGO located in Deoghar, Jharkhand. In10 is a part of Savour. We work to improve the lives of underprivileged people and communities. Our mission is to educate, nurture, mobilize and empower inner-city, youth of low social and economic status to become productive, law-abiding citizens. We protect their human rights through social-psychological integration. 

We want to set up local or regional centers in the country, with headquarters in Deoghar, Jhakhand; We are trying to collaborate links with similar organizations, unions, federations and other legal institutions or individuals from the country, to meet the intended purpose.


What is our Purpose?


  • Defending the rights of retention, expression and promotion of ethnic, linguistic, cultural and religious identity of people relations of cooperation between different national communities living in India.

  • We promote access to culture, traditions, customs, and the latest innovations in science, culture, TRADE, INDUSTRY AND AGRICULTURE.

  • We support the balanced participation of women and men in decision-making.

  • We help different social groups, minorities of all kinds and other disadvantaged people to improve living conditions.

  • We launch humanitarian action to combat discrimination based on sex, religion, disability, political affiliation and ethnicity.

  • We mediate the human involvement in the business culture, which can reach the target audience, social recognition, stability and permanency in business.


How can we achieve our Objectives?


  • In order to achieve our goals, We work with central and local government bodies to improve the socio-cultural conditions in the areas and localities.


  • Protect the rights, dignity and the common interests of persons belonging to minorities or underprivileged people.


  • We provide seperate web space for small and mid level organisation/business to promote their business.


  •  We organize programs in areas of culture, education, science, economics, youth, elderly, minorities, consumers of goods and services, infrastructure, tourism, services, disabled or handicapped persons, etc. 


What is our main Work Area?


  • Environment and sustainable development


  • Minorities and social inclusion


  • Regional and local development


  • Equal opportunities and anti-racism


  • Human Resources Development


  • Children and Youth


  • Human rights


  • Culture


  • Health


  • Education


  • Gender